September 14, 2022

How Much Does A Singapore Office Renovation Cost In 2022?

office renovation cost 2022

Businesses in Singapore are always on the lookout for ways to save money and increase efficiency.

One way of doing this is by renovating their office spaces. But how much does an office renovation cost in Singapore?

And what are some factors that could affect the final price?

In this blog post, we will take a look at office renovation costs in Singapore and what business owners can do to keep expenses down. Stay tuned!

1. What is the average cost of an office renovation in Singapore?

The average cost to renovate an office in Singapore is around $45,000.

However, this number can range from $20,000 to $100,000 depending on the size and scope of the commercial renovation project and layout complexity.

Office Renovation Singapore Overall Estimated Cost

1. Basic - $30 - $60 per square feet

2. Standard - $70 - $100 per square feet

3. Premium - $100 - $1000 per square feet

For a more accurate estimation, you can fill in this form to meet with our interior designer, message or call us at 8861 0232.

2. Office Renovation Costs Breakdown

Before you begin your office renovation, it is important to meet with an experienced designer to plan out your office to ensure that it meets your requirements.

We will be using a renovation budget of $70,000 in this example.

A renovation deposit of 10% is required once you accept our quotation to start the renovation process.

Office Design, 3D Drawing and Office Layout

These fees may be waived depending on the scope of your project and requirements.

Reception Area - $8150

Item U/Price
Build and fabricate 1500 * 1100 tall reception counter with fluted wood finish with drawers and storage. $380.00 onwards
Build and fabricate 7ft * 2.5ft low counter $185.00 onwards
Install 11ft quart Kompac Plus Top $180.00 onwards
Glass plant holder with real plants $55.00 onwards
Reinstall neon light logo at front feature wall and back of office $130.00 onwards
Build feature wall with marble laminated finish and ply wood 7ft*10ft $1750.00 onwards
Install LED light and driver $45.00 onwards
Install hanging light $320.00 onwards
Install 1 cat 6 data point for Xerox printer $140.00 onwards

Pantry Area - $9279.00

Item U/Price
Build and fabricate top and bottom cabinet with soft closing hinges and open shelves wine rack system $365.00 onwards
Install tempered glass backing as kitchen backsplash $25.00 onwards
Install inlet pipe for sink/faucet and water dispenser system using stainless steel pipe $850.00 onwards
Install outlet PVC pipe from pantry area to floortrap @ Ladys WC Plus Hacking into toilet $950.00 onwards
Re-install parition seperating the pantry and the store room $4.80 onwards
Staineless steel single sink + faucet $450.00 onwards
Relocate 1 Switch and 1 double socket in storeroome $150.00 onwards
Purchase dinning table $690.00 onwards
Purchase 6 Dinning chairs $85.00 onwards
50L metallic black dustbin with lid $85.00 onwards
Hanging light for Dinning area with installation and lighting point $680.00 onwards

Meeting Rooms - $11,540.00

Item U/Price
To supply labour to install black brush metal frame with glass for 1 meeting room with L box parition support with 2 swing glass door Height 2820 $4,180.00 onwards
Install sticker frosted decal onto glass for both meeting room (900MM in the centre) $650.00 onwards
Install carpet finish @ Both meeting room $850.00 onwards
Relocated 2 wall mount aircon with extension of water discharge pipe $560.00 onwards
1 Table * 2 office chair for each meeting room $280.00 onwards

Sofa Area - $3,410.00

Item U/Price
TV mount to install TV $120.00 onwards
Rectangular rug in 2.9m * 2m $290.00 onwards
4 round golden hanging lights with installation and lighting point $730.00 onwards
Concrete planter box with fake plants with pebbles $320.00 onwards
3 pax sofa set + 2 seats and 1 coffee table $1,950.00 onwards

Electrical - $4,440.00

Item U/Price
Install lighting point $130.00 onwards
Scissor lift for electrical works on the ceiling during renovation period to fix up lighting $450.00 onwards
Install 2*13A double socket $95.00 onwards
Install green grass hanging light for 3 row of table $75.00 onwards

Miscellaneous - $14,070.00

Item U/Price
Painting to all external wall and internal rooms in vinilex white odourless paint up to 3.4M $5,300.00 onwards
Apply wallpaper (Wood/Floral/Tropical finsh) onto 3 side pillars up to 3.4m in height $680.00 onwards
Install back of office wall in PVC wall panel in texture design / green fake plant wall $25.00 onwards
Do general cleaning for the unit after renovation $300.00 onwards

Meeting Room Ceiling Works - $6,682.50

Item U/Price
SCDF Fire Safety certificate (Notice of Approval) $3450.00 onwards
Install false ceiling $4.50 onwards
4 * downlight for meeting room with installation and lighting point $135.00 onwards
4 * royal sprinkler head and 2nd layer sub-water piping $320.00 onwards
Management for discharge of water during installation $535.00 onwards

Wall Hacking - $1,980.00

Item U/Price
Remove existing partition to extend space for pantry area/ labour to replaster existing parition $1,100.00 onwards
Hack and dispose pantry existing fixtures and all lightings $880.00 onwards

Office Furniture / Lighting - $3,220.00

Item U/Price
Long backlights with artificial plants in daylight in 1.2M length (4 for each row for 3 rows of table) $245.00 onwards
Fake 1.9m plant beside male toilet with cement pot $280.00 onwards

Air Conditioning Systems - $800.00 - $5,600.00

Item U/Price
Install 1 system 3 Daikin air conditioning unit $2500.00 onwards

Total Cost: $65,271.00 onwards

3. Factors That Can Influence The Cost Of Renovating An Office Space

1. The size of the office space

2. The condition of the existing commercial space

3. The type of renovations being done (e.g., new paint job, new furniture, reconfiguration of floor plan)

4. Whether or not structural changes need to be made (e.g., opening up walls, adding/removing partitions)

5. Material costs will be determined by the quality of material used.

6. The experience level of the contractor(s) hired for the job

4. Tips For Keeping Your Overall Cost Low

If you're planning to renovate your offices, there are a few things you can do to keep costs down:

1. Get multiple quotations from different contractors before making a decision.

2. Choose quality over quantity - focus on getting key pieces that will last, rather than filling your office with cheap furniture that will need to be replaced soon.

3. Be flexible with your timeline - often, contractors will offer discounts for projects that can be completed outside of peak times.

4. Do some of the work yourself, if possible - things like painting and minor repairs can often be done without a renovation contractor help.

5. Save on installation cost by installing an item on your own.

6. Buy ready-made cabinets instead of custom-design ones to save on carpentry services.

7. Opt for vinyl and parquet tiles instead of marble flooring as they are more affordable and easier to maintain.

By following these tips, you can renovate your office within budget.

Seek professional advice from a renovation company if you are still in doubt.

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